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Meet The Parents

What are F2B Labradoodles

F2B Labradoodles are second generation Labradoodles. One Parent is a Labradoodle and one Parent is a Poodle. This creates a stronger presence of the Poodle gene while also keeping the witty, playful, and spunky personality of the Lab! Truly the greatest all around pup in the World (my opinion)!!!

Dad - Moses

A Standard Poodle who is brilliant, loving, and very protective of his humans!

Mom - Hazel

Available for Adoption

Mom is a second generation labradoodle whose parents can be found on this website. She was a puppy out of Lucy's second litter and the daughter of Big Burnie. She is a very shy pup who is very protective of her home but wonderful with all the boys who love her to death!

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